Global Strategy

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    Create international brand image.

    In recent years, HBIS Tangsteel fosters the open mind thought, the whole industry vision as well as internationalization orientation. HBIS Tangsteel upgrades its ideology and thought, to speed up the internationalization process, and has established cooperation relationship and regular communication mechanism with world well-known enterprise to better allocate the high-class resources of technology, talents and capital increased significantly, and makes HBIS Tangsteel one of the most competitive steel enterprises and creates the international brand image.

     Innovate export way, increase export volume

    In order to reduce the trade friction and improve export benefit, HBIS Tangsteel changes traditional exporting ways and collaborates closely with Duferco (the largest steel trader in the world) in 2009. Based on the Duferco’s platform, HBIS Tangsteel exports its products to more than 150 countries and regions in the world successfully. This export type is summarized as “making use of a partner's resources” by the China Iron and Steel Association. As the export type becomes more mature, HBIS Tangsteel increases its export volume and variety. The total export volume amount, which ranks in the top in terms of individual enterprise compared with other domestic enterprise in this industry.  

    Deepen overseas cooperation and expand international space

    In recent years, HBIS Tangsteel takes full advantage of steel business platform, and attaches more attention to cooperate with tans-national companies. HBIS Tangsteel has established full lifecycle relationship with SVAI (World Top 500), and have carried out successful cooperation in the High Strength Auto Sheet production line, SVAI offers whole package of equipment and technology to us.

    HBIS Tangsteel has established comprehensive and normalized cooperation mechanism with POSCO, and cooperatedin the field of LED project with POSCO ICT (HBIS Tangsteel Chuang Yuan Fangda Company cooperates with POSCO LED Company and established HBIS Tangsteel &POSCO New Light Source Company). HBIS Tangsteel signed strategic agreement with Harsco Group in terms of slag treatment project, and has been maintaining the close relationship. HBIS Tangsteel signed framework agreement with Veolia Water Group in terms of water-project construction in Luan CountyHBIS Tangsteel and US Koppers Group together that built the Koppers Carbon (China) &Chemical Company and went smoothly. At the same time, HBIS Tangsteel takes the Southeast Asia market as the breakthrough point, and explores the multidimensional output model of technology, management, products, and strengthens the relationship with partners to speed up the globalization strategy.


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